Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Chip Tuning?

The application of updating the software in ECU (electronic control unit) controlling new generation engines is called chip tuning. In today's conditions, manufacturers tend to restrict the powers of their vehicles when they are placing them in the market due to the tax brackets, exhaust emission values, operating conditions of the vehicles under the most difficult conditions (temperatures above +40 degrees, cold weather such as -20 or -30 degrees, high altitude, high humidity, etc), fuel quality, the most negative operating conditions of the user's vehicle, lack of vehicle maintenance, and the longevity of the manufacturer's vehicle.

Besides, in our country, when evaluating the tax bracket, it is evaluated as 1400 cc, 1600 cc, etc. However, in some countries, the evaluations are based on 70 Hp or 90 Hp. For this reason, it is possible to see many vehicles at 68 Hp and 109 Hp. As the manufacturers produce based on mass production, they limit these only with a software.Besides, there is also a market targets of the companies. They offer the vehicle with the same engine as 102 hp empty, 140 hp medium, and 170 hp full with various sales and marketing tactics.

Considering these conditions, we offer you the most suitable software for your vehicles with equipment found only within Infinite Performance in Turkey. We prepare your vehicles in accordance with the conditions of our country and in line with your expectations.

Q. What Vehicles Are Suitable for Application?

Generally, almost all the cars manufactured after 200 are suitable for application. Plese contact for further details.

Q. Will Chip Tuning Damage My Vehicle?

On the contrary, if the application is made by the accurate person, it is actually rather useful. Here the, knowledge and network of the company are quite important. We are happy to provide you the most suitable and healthy software for our valuable clients.

Q. Can I Return Back to the Original Condition of My Vehicle After Application?

You can return your vehicle back whenever you wish by visiting our nearest branch.

Q. Would My Vehicle Get Out of Warranty?

As all the software we use are licensed, they cannot be detected in the systems of maintenance services. That's why, you can prefer our company with peace of mind. Furthermore, you can also benefit from our optional engine warranty service.

Q. Is There a Chance for Testing?

You can test the software applied to your vehicle with our test pilot if you wish and can purchase afterward; and if you're not satisfied, you can unconditionally return it in 14 days!

Q. Does Each Infinite Performance Branch Apply the Same Software?

All the dealers under our company procures the software with licensed devices connected to our central branch. All the software applied in our branches comes from the central branch of Infinite Performance. Our dealers transmit the data of your vehicle via a server and the relevant tuner send the software file prepared based on the standards you request.

Q. How Long Does Application Take?

The application takes on average of 1 to 2 hours.

Q. Would It Cause Any Problem in Vehicle Examination?

It does not cause any problem in vehicle examination.

Q. Do I Have to Get It Registered to the License, Insurance, or Automobile Insurance?

Definitely no. You do not need to do anything for these.

Q. What Are Within the Scope of Warranty For the Application on My Vehicle?

You can get optional engine warranty of 1 or 2 years for your vehicle. Our software have a warranty of 5 years. You have the right to unconditionally refund in 14 dyas if you are not satisfied.

Q. Can I Get a Dynamometer Test for My Vehicle?

You can test your vehicle with Dynocom 5000 FX 4x4 load type dyno in our central branch. More than 99% of dynos used in our country are fly wheel dynos. That is, these do not apply any counter-force to the vehicle and they measure as if you car is going down in a 90 degree angle. That's why, it is not possible to make an accurate measurement. Unfortunately, some load type dynos in our country are dynos designed to apply counter-force to 200 HP - 300 HP power. When heat is generated in these types of dynos, eddy current cannot measure accurately and it deviates. Dynocom 5000 FX 4x4 in our company can smoothly measure up to 2250 HP and it is the most comprehensive dyno found in Turkey.

Q. What's the Difference Between Chip Tunning and Box Tuning?

Chip tuning is an application made without adding any parts to the vehicle. Your vehicle would not be damaged when done by right people. However, box tuning is causing the vehicle to operate with more pressure by attaching some apparatus on the parts such as the rail pressure sensor and turbo pressure sensor of the vehicle so as to confuse these sensors. And this can lead to problems in your vehicle in the long run. Unfortunately, most companies in our country sells box tuning application under the name of chip tuning.