Our Organization

Our company was founded by Deniz BALIK, who started as a professional in the vehicle software sector in 2010. Our Founder, Deniz BALIK incorporated the employees of various vehicle software companies with an experience varying from 3 to 20 years in this particular sector.

The organization purpose of our company is to eliminate the amateur and semi-amateur applications our team have encountered in their previous companies and to get the top position in Turkey by preparing world-class applications; and our company is rapidly advancing to achieve this objective.


Why Us?

With our experience of over 100.000 vehicles, we provide services for our valuable clients with the latest software equipment. Furthermore, we also conduct the distribution and dealership activities of the products and software equipment of many of the world giants in vehicle software sector in Turkey.


In Turkey, in addition to having various quality certificates, we are the only vehicle software company approved by "TÜV", providing "Engine Warranty". We are among the companies providing the most comprehensive dealership services with 20 dealers in Turkey and other dealers in Austria and Germany.


Production with R&D Studies

For the purpose of providing you the highest-quality software, we conduct comprehensive R&D studies with the Dynocom brand 5000 FX 4x4 load type dynamometer (dyno) and various state of the art analyzers in our center. Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, Tesla, Borla, Tremec, HKS and many other vehicle and part manufacturers are using the dyno and analysis devices of Dynocom brand in their own factories as R&D equipment.

In opposition to the rival companies, deceiving their clients by telling lies such as "Our software was tested abroad, and our software is licensed" and such, our company has been producing software with serious R&D studies in cooperation with world-renowned companies such as Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, and Tesla since the day of its foundation.

Our World Class Software

Unfortunately, most of the vehicle software companies in our country applies the 2nd and 3rd class software they bought from abroad on your vehicles without knowing the content and the results of these. Let alone testing the software they buy, they take a big risk by using your vehicle like a test car.

Deceiving their clients with a wide variety of marketing tactics like fancy advertisements and active social networks, these companies cannot go beyond making your vehicle a test car.

Since we, as Infinite Performance, produce our software as the vehicle manufacturers with our R&D equipment, it is not even a matter of argument that our clients to encounter such problems.

Our Software Experience

As most of the vehicle software companies in Turkey used ready-made software they procure from abroad, they are not able to prepare projects for vehicles with big turbo, big injector, and forged motor options. The reason for this is that it is necessary to prepare custom software (vehicle specific) for these vehicles; and preparation of these software requires a serious vehicle software knowledge and experience. Generally, the vehicle owners of these type of vehicles are interested in vehicle software sector; and they are nor deceived by the fancy advertisements and lies of those kind of companies. As they know they won't be able to perform such applications, those vehicle owners do not prefer such companies.

Regardless of your vehicle, Infinite Performance smoothly manufactures the software for your motorsport vehicles and project cars.