It Is Possible to Become the Software Expert of Your Own Vehicle Whenever and Wherever with My Genius!

You want to get a software for your vehicle but you don't have time? Or even if you have time, isn't there an authorized dealer near you? Don't ever worry!! You're just one device away from becoming the software expert of you vehicle with My Genius.

My Genius is a device that allows vehicle owners to carry out independent serial reading and reprogramming functions on their own vehicles. This sophisticated console can be programmed without the intervention of software experts and allows storing and programming up to 10 different files for a vehicle. My Genius can be offered with a OBDII connection or any identification cable required for the vehicle. It suppors both 12V and 24V systems.

My Genius is coded specifically for your own vehicle; therefore, it can only be used on the relevant vehicle. When you buy the device, you should read the original software on your vehicle and to send our software expert. According to your request, the application files prepared by our software expert are loaded in your device. Afterward, the only thing you have to do is to enjoy to drive your car in the mode you desire whenever you wish!