Chip Tuning

The application of updating the software in ECU (electronic control unit) controlling new generation engines is called chip tuning. In today's conditions, manufacturers tend to restrict the powers of their vehicles when they are placing them in the market due to the tax brackets, exhaust emission values, operating conditions of the vehicles under the most difficult conditions (temperatures above +40 degrees, cold weather such as -20 or -30 degrees, high altitude, high humidity, etc), fuel quality, the most negative operating conditions of the user's vehicle, lack of vehicle maintenance, and the longevity of the manufacturer's vehicle.

Besides, in our country, when evaluating the tax bracket, it is evaluated as 1400 cc, 1600 cc, etc. However, in some countries, the evaluations are based on 70 Hp or 90 Hp. For this reason, it is possible to see many vehicles at 68 Hp and 109 Hp. As the manufacturers produce based on mass production, in order not to generate engineering costs on various engines and to reduce costs by mass production with a single design, they limit these only with a software. Of course, there is also a market target. They offer the vehicle with the same engine as 102 hp empty, 140 hp medium, and 170 hp full with various sales and marketing tactics.

Considering these conditions, we offer you the most suitable software for your vehicles with equipment found only within Infinite Performance in Turkey. We prepare your vehicles in accordance with the conditions of our country and in line with your expectations.

You can visit our Chip Tuning page to get information about chip tuning applications suitable for your vehicles and you can contact us on our Contact Us Page to get detailed information and a quote.