Our Dynamometer

In order to provide the most realistic powers to our valuable clients, as Infinite Performance, we are working harder every day to improve ourselves unlike other companies in the sector. In order to enhance customers satisfaction as our primary focus, we closely follow the trends in the world and we are making big investments to become one of the best companies not only in our country but also in the world.

High Measurement Capacity

We provide the Dynocom brand 500 FX 4x4 dynamometer that we imported from the United States for our valuable client's service. 5000 FX model can measure up to 280+ km/h speed and 2250+ HP power.

Development On Dyno

Global companies such as Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, Tesla, Borla, Tremec, and HKS prefer using the dynamometers of Dynocom in their own laboratories due to high performance, reliability and quality of service. With the vehicle live data feature of our dyno, current performance of your vehicle is monitored and the most suitable software is applied to your vehicle.

Discover Objective Acceleration

Turkey's first and only simulated dynamometer, 5000 FX shows you how faster your car reaches to 400 meters and allows you to recognize the real power; therefore, provides you an opportunity to solve the questions in your mind!

To see the real power of your vehicle and engine status live tests, please contact us!